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I believe doing what you love can change life in ways unimagined.

2014 American Art Awards

Artist - Author

Interview by Rum Therapy

​Art & Soul – Savanna Redman, artist

February 13, 2013 by Rum Therapy·

We’ve learned so much and had such fun writing articles for our series “Making Your Tropical Obsession Your Profession” due in a big part to the interesting folks that we’ve been privileged to meet and write about. Our friend Susan at The Limin’ House on Tortola emailed us recently to tell us about an amazing artist on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands that certainly fit the MO for making her tropical obsession her profession, so we contacted this artist to ask about her story.  What we learned is that she is a total free spirit, follows her heart, is extremely talented and gets to live and work on beautiful Tortola!


A Journey Through Art

  • March 5th, 2013
  • in Lifestyle

Story and photos by Dan O’Connor

Artist Savanna Redman would describe her wanderlust life and accompanying body of work as “ever-evolving.” The seasoned traveler has used worldly backdrops from almost every continent—and the alluring experiences therein—to navigate and influence her life to this point. Today, Savanna can be found on Tortola, where she uses the various inspiring environs to influence her canvases, and the soft sandy beaches as her makeshift studios. But tomorrow, it may be 


International Contemporary Masters VI
Available on Amazon

News; Savanna Redman has been selected by curator Despina Tunberg to participate in the International Contemporary Masters VI, and the exhibit at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts in Las Vegas in September 2013. She will also be included in the Dictionary of Artists "which represents the greatest volume of talent ever organized in a convenient directory."

The books have been presented at the Red Dot Miami during the Art Basel, and are available at Barns & Noble and through Amazon.


I've been following the equator these last 24 or so years, admittedly with a bit of a wobble; finding my

imagination strongest when I’m surrounded by wildlife, between the 18 degrees north and

the 18 degrees south mark.

It may be the equatorial pull, a tropical twist that draws the glass thread of creativity from my soul. Or the magic spells the wildlife of the rainforest and turquoise sea casts upon me. Or just maybe, the gods of the ancient cultures whisper in my ear, "Paint this, See this, Dream this."

Currently living in the British Virgin Islands

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RELIGIOUS OR SPIRITUAL “Guardian Of Resting Souls”
4x5' Oil, canvas

SELF-PORTRAIT “Caribbean Morning” 22x30" Watercolor.

"Congratulations! Savanna, you have won / placed in the categories of the 2014 American Art Awards listed above! 25 galleries voted! Artists in 51 countries competed!"

Love getting those E-mails:)


Savanna Redman - Author - Artist