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El Tigre (The Jaguar)

Original Painting 20"x26" Serti Technique on Silk

Beautiful Creatures of the Mind

Mermaids and Sea Monsters

India Ink Drawing with Watercolor

Maya Paddler God Silk painting, as a stretched Canvas Giclee in the 'Large' size with the 'Soft Edge' Option. Easy, ready to hang, no frame or glazing necessary.

Decorative, Old World Style Maps and Nautical Charts, Hand-Drawn in India ink

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Marine Life Paintings
Beautiful Caribbean Sea

Reef, Fish, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Queen Conch Painted in Oil on Canvas, Watercolor and Ink

"El Tigre' (right) is my interpretation of a Mayan hieroglyph of a Jaguar.

I sought to create the feeling of a painting on a stone temple wall.

When I interpret a glyph or any ancient artwork (part of it is often missing or chipped away by time or vandals), I fill in the gaps using my imagination and full artistic license, while trying to maintain the essence and strength intended by the Maya people. In the end, the image and artwork becomes a part of me, my style, a fusion of sorts spanning 3000 years.

The glyphs here are a few of my favorites, simply banded together and not to be taken literally. It would probably read; Sun Monkey Rain Jaguar at Night on Earth.  (Which I kinda like.)

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Caribbean Chart’Drawn and painted by hand. Using India ink layered with a watercolor wash.

An idyllic day; the trade winds (as a cherub) gently playing with old sailing ships and Magnificent Frigatebirds, the sun setting in the Gulf, the passages marked for easy navigation, and embellished with my mermaids and sea monsters.

The chart shows; the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos through the Caribbean archipelago, into the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula and down the east coast of Central America. I’ve included a few small islands off the coast - simply because I was playing or living there - and I want to see them on a map. Isla Mujeres, Ambergris Caye, the Bay Islands of Honduras. Then drifting along the coastline to Rio Dulce, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, on down the north coast of South America to Isla Margarita, and Trinidad.

Silk Paintings - Inspired ancient Mayan hieroglyphs and Maya art

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Fine Art oil paintings, watercolor, silk paintings and detailed ink drawings by Savanna Redman are available as archival Giclee prints.

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Rainforest and Wildlife Inspired Painting

Jaguars, Toucans, Hummingbirds, Orchids...

Belize Inspired Art

I had the good fortune to live in the beautiful country of Belize for a few years, both on the cayes and in the rainforest area.

Savanna Redman

Please note, these are not copies of Mayan Hieroglyphs and are not to be taken literally.

They are my artistic interpretation, often from a scrap of a design on a pottery shard or fading mural in a temple.

‘Ambergris Caye, Belize’

Decorative Nautical Chart

Drawn and painted by hand, with India ink and watercolor on D’Arches paper.

This ink drawing was the beginning of my charts, mermaids and sea monsters. At the time, there were no maps of Ambergris Caye available to the public. So, I talked with the local fishermen to obtain the names of the bays and small islands surrounding the caye. And for details, a commander in the RAF procured a satellite map of the area for me. Still, with this bird’s eye view, I used a bit of artistic license in the lagoon and mangrove areas up the west coast. The mangroves are a web of canals and not a solid shoreline but look solid from space. Canals were cleared through the mangrove to harbor ships during storms and cut by pirates to hide their ships. Many are in use today to bird watch and see the American Crocodiles.

Mr. Woods, a local historian, provided me with information on the old merchant ships and schooners that plied the waters off the coast, and a list of known shipwrecks. The two scrolls (center left) are a record of historical events and a list of a few of the known shipwrecks along the reef. I was so into the history: I created this map using a crow quill pen. Modern tech pens seemed taboo.

I absorb nature, through every sense. Traveling, diving, sailing, and hiking through rain forest and exploring ancient cultures their arts and ruins. It fills my mind and soul. And it provided endless awe, and inspiration for my work.

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'Mundo Maya'(The World of the Maya)

Drawn and painted by hand, with India ink and watercolor on D’Arches paper.

I created this map to show the mainland of Belize, the locations of the location of Maya ruins, and the wildlife found in the rainforest of Central America.

This map started as a companion map to the Ambergris Caye Chart; it soon took off with energy of its own, and gave me the incurable archaeological bug.

I wanted to know the meaning of a few glyphs, to use as markers for Maya ruins scattered across the country. That quest led me to Herman Smith, an Archaeologist living and working in Belize. Herman loaned me reference books: and soon I was so hooked; studying the artwork and hieroglyphs of the Maya people, that I thought Id never finish the map. And at moments, possibly I didn't want to finish it; when I wasn't studying Mayan hieroglyphs, I was sitting in the jungle or at the Belize zoo, drawing wildlife.