Savanna Redman

Sometimes I paint on walls.

My garden mural; always in full bloom with no weeds to pull.

I'm sitting on the veranda with my feet propped up, enjoying a cup of tea,

Watching the clouds turn that beautiful sunset-pink...

​​What do I see in the clouds - but a shark!

After days of painting sharks

A fantastic and beautiful place at Josiah's Bay on Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands

This is where we enjoy Sunday Brunch - The Tamarind Club 

Hammerheads Swimming

​The optical illusions surprised me - the deep-end wall looks about 2 feet high. The sharks are over 4 feet high and 7 feet long.

Don't you just want to dive in and play!

French Angels

Just Add Water
Baby Turtles Swimming!

Spotted Eagle Ray - Swimming
First day the pool is open, no one touches the sharks or rays, they swim around them.
No one, dives in the deep end... Hear a cello?

Add Water to Splash on the Magic. They move!

Baby turtles, painted on the pool bottom, near the shallow end.

My finished painting of three Hammerhead Sharks in the deep-end of the pool

I'll admit, I can not wait for kids to jump in the deep end and

scream, SHARK!

Hammerhead painting - open mouth

Oh, what beautiful Teeth you have, My Dear!

I'm working with a very limited pallet of Caribbean (pool) blue, black and white. Pool paint, it's not exactly creamy stuff.

On this day, the bottom of a pool is so hot; I can't walk on it barefoot and can't wear shoes on the freshly painted pool bottom, so I run - often. 
An old sail provides enough shade to keep the paint from cooking on contact.

Can't have enough rays. Adding another one to the side wall.

Finished Painting of the Spotted Eagle Ray

This one is painted at the pool's shallow-end drop, as if it is heading off into the deep water.
If I ever own a pool

It may take months to add water...
Yards and Yards of Pretty Blue Canvas!  My aquarium...

Spotted Eagle Ray in the process of becoming...

That's me, painting Hammerheads in a pool.

I painted two Spotted Eagle Rays, Baby Green Sea Turtles, French Angelfish, and three Hammerhead Sharks.

Mural - Sharks in Pool

Painting a Swimming Pool Mural