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This painting is from a dream I had after enjoying days of swimming with wild dolphins in Belize. And one dolphin in particular.

My first surprises - when getting to know this wonderful soul - was her facial expressions and moods, which clearly showed in her laugh lines and the wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, her vocals and her body language. My second surprise, was that I would learn her games. Getting to know her, filled days, dreams and paintings.Type your paragraph here.

'Guardian of Resting Souls'

Dolphin and Reef - Oil on Canvas

Original painting 4' x 5'  I paint in smooth veils of color.

The canvas Giclees are an ideal match with my style. It's tough to tell the original from a print.

Customized Canvas Giclee

(example shown here 55' x 44')

Product Details: Artist grade canvas, archival inks, wooden stretcher bar 1½ inches thick, and UVB protective coating.
Usually ships within five business days.
Artist Savanna Redman
Collection 'Paintings'
Description 'Guardian of Resting Souls' Oil on canvas 4' x 5'

‘Keel-billed Toucan and Black Orchid’ 

India ink and watercolor.

In the early morning, colorful toucans may be seen and heard in the rainforest areas of Central America. While you sip your morning coffee: you may see them just off the deck - eating fruit from the trees.

The beautiful Keel-billed Toucan and the Black Orchid are the National bird and flower of Belize.

Silk Paintings

A picture is a poem without words. ~ Horace 

Boats and Gods. Inspiration from the sea and the past. 
The artwork of ancients closely linked the two. If you spend much time on the sea you may understand why. 

Silk Painting takes me in many directions, much like watercolor. I use the Serti technique, which literally means “fence” in French. I build a fence using a wax resist - to control the natural course of the paint over and through the silk, and to create the outline and detail in the painting. From there, it is much like watercolor, where I control the paint tightly for detail or allow it to flow and layer to create beautiful washes. It is a process I enjoy, and like most of my creations - the vision of the painting comes to me in a medium that will best bring the dream forward.

To me, this painting of Travieso represents a moment in time - living on a little island, off the coast of Honduras, where coconuts and fish were free and birds ruled the roost.

The Scarlet Macaw Travieso

Travieso, is a beautiful, smart, Scarlet Macaw. His name means; mischievous, naughty, puckish, frolicsome, roguish, playful, willful, wanton, prankish, wayward, impish, high-spirited … just to name a few of the Spanish translations, he earns them all - and that’s not his full name...

I painted this watercolor of Travieso, while living in Roatan, The Bay Islands of Honduras. The people and animals I meet inspire my paintings, though usually it is the animals I paint.

Travieso is a talented bird and close to 30 years old (when I painted this), living with his life-long guardian in her 80’s. He had remodeled their house piece by piece - he did not like square corners much. One afternoon while I was having “tea” (read - Gin and Tonic) with his guardian, she said, “in all his years, the one thing he has never touched - is my Geraniums.” As she said it, he looked at the flowers, then gave her a “you mean these?” look and reached over and snapped off a branch - just to see what he had been missing - and no doubt to cause a fuss. ... Then she called him by his full name.

Heliconia Dreaming

Original painting - 22” x 30” Watercolor on D’Arches paper.

From the Dreaming series of Watercolors

The Flower is a ‘Heliconia bihai’ originally from Northern South America is now found through out the tropics. The Beautiful flower brackets are a deep red with a thin lime green edge. The stalks grow to 4’ or more with leaves up to 5’ long

Orchid Dreaming

Original painting - 22” x 30” Watercolor on D’Arches paper.

The ‘Dreaming’ series of watercolors - are of exotic tropical flowers - with imagined hummingbirds, butterflies and moths. Inspired by the natural beauty and wildlife of the Caribbean and Central American Rainforest.

Masdevillia, is an exotic Orchid found in the old Rainforest of South and Central America.

To view it larger (without the glare) click on the title or image.

Jaguar At My Casita

Central American wildlife series 'Living Jungle Dreams'

Original painting - 4’x5’ acrylic on canvas.

I had a wonderful surprise early one morning as I looked up to admire my pretty tropical flower garden and Black Orchid in full bloom ...a young Jaguar curiously peering in my cabin window. 

It was a dream.

Resplendent Quetzal

Beautiful Quetzal surrounded by Orchids, Bromeliads
and a curious Red Eyed Tree Frog

Original painting - 4’x5’ on canvas.

On one small branch in a lush rainforest, tucked between Orchids and Bromeliads, sits a beautiful Resplendent Quetzal - highlighted by the rays of the rising sun. As the early mist fades, a charming Red Eyed Tree Frog can be seen hiding under an orchid leaf.

Central American wildlife series 'Living Jungle Dreams'

Tropical Night Duet

Red Eyed Tree Frogs 
Watercolor original painting, 12x12 on D'Arches paper

Series - Tropical Night Life

I love the Red Eyed Tree Frogs, from their amazing eyes to their talented climb anywhere toes! 

Nothing says "Tropics" louder than a group of Red-Eyed Tree Frogs singing at night.

Gecko and Moon

Series - Tropical Night Life

On a bright Caribbean night, a Gecko perches on a banana leaf, to watch the moon rise. Dinner-time for Geckos.

Gecko Art... I love Geckos. They are welcome to stroll through my island house any time. In the tropics, Geckos are nature’s exterminators; they can eat their weight in bugs every night!
I need to paint a watercolor of the 'El Gordo Gecko' the fat Gecko that lives in my studio.

The original painting, 12x12" watercolor on D’Arches paper.


Green Sea Turtles
A beautiful full moon shines across the beach, as turtles hatch and head for the sea.

Watercolor and ink on D'arches paper

'The Lost Years'

Green Sea Turtle - Sargasso Sea

Watercolor and ink.

Far out to sea, a baby turtle rests on a mat of Sargasso, as a juvenile Green Sea Turtle swims in the deep sparkling blue, waiting for the call to return to the bay and beach of its origin - to find a mate. These years at sea are the ‘Lost Years,’ that no one fully understands: why? How? How long? They are apart of the sea turtle’s beautiful and perplexing mystery.

'Caribbean Morning'

Watercolor 22"x 30"
A self-portrait of sorts - with my friend Pita. This is how I like to start my day; with her playing, talking, begging me to come in the sea.

"I want to finish my cup of tea first, after all it is just sunrise." She looks me in the eye and squints, wondering what to do next. Then she rolls over on her back and sinks. Perfect reply. I laughed - she wins - I'm in to play - until my fingers prune.

Lot’s of people talk to animals. Not very many listen, though. That’s the problem. - Winnie the Pooh

'Caribbean Queen'
Queen Conch Shell Watercolor
Original painting 20” x 14”

One of the most beautiful shells in the Caribbean.
Set against the blue sea - I couldn't resist painting it

Caverna Diablo I
Caverna Diablo II

Original Watercolor on 24" x 30" D'Arches paper

Created after cave diving with wild dolphins off the outer cayes of Belize.

After swimming for months with my escorts, I began to have dolphin dreams, not dreams of dolphins; rather being one of them, one of the family pod: seeing the world through their eyes.

The cave has a surreal and sacred feel to it, dripping with stalactites and monolithic stalagmites; ancient sculptures from a time when the cave was above sea level. In the soft light, these natural formations have the look of bearded demons.

'Lighthouse Reef"

4’ x 5’ - Oil on canvas (Sold)

Available as a Giclee on paper or canvas

A few of my favorite Caribbean reef fish. A Stoplight Parrotfish, Juvenal Wrasse and a brilliant Yellow-tailed Damsel, swimming with other tropical reef fish though a lush forest of bright corals and sponges.

Lighthouse Reef is off the coast of Belize. I love the natural light that sparkles through the gin clear water on a bright Caribbean day. I try to memorize a reef scene in the same studying-way I would if I were drawing the scene. My paintings come together after many dives; favorite scenes become anchored in the sands of my mind. My paintings are not from photographs; in my mind, they are in motion; the light sparkles in prisms and small fish dart around the corals and sponges.

Sea Turtle in Half Moon Bay

Caribbean - Green Sea Turtle

Watercolor original painting, 12x12 watercolor on D’Arches paper.  Series – Tropical Night Life
Rich blues, reef, sea turtle, palm trees, the moon... a perfect night in paradise.

I created this watercolor after watching sea turtles hatch and scurry into a crystal clear, moon lit bay in the Caribbean Sea.

There are perfect moments in life, this painting evolved from one of them and good karma seems to follow it around.

Original Paintings