Savanna Redman

Tile and Crystal Mosaic Sun Mask - Sold

I've enjoyed playing around with different versions on my smiling Buddha face, and I don't think I'm finished with them yet. They make me smile.

This one sold before it was dry. Thank you, Limin' House BVI

Sculpted mosaic mask
Created with a variety of local shell and beach glass.
20” x 26”  Sold
Shell Sun Mask

Bold and Primitive  18" x 18"
Caribbean Shell, Coral and Glass
Moon God

Sculpted Mask Includes Iridescent Glass,
Mirror and Local Shells. Smiling Buddha.
Shells; Moon Snails, Gaudy Natica,
Conch and Lettered Olives.  24”x24”   Sold

Tribal Carib

Sculpted mosaic mask, created with Onyx,
Red beach glass and a variety of local shells. 
9" x 29"  $2,800

Currently on Display at the Tamarind Club - BVI

Beach-Bar Lord

Green Glass Baubles 
& Local Collection of Beer Bottle Caps
Mosaic Concrete Sculpture
A fun piece to have installed as a fountain by the pool bar $1,800
Tribal Shaman Mosaic Mask

Caribbean Shells, Onyx and Glass
7" x 40"   - Sold

Paddler God

Sculpted Mask Includes Aventurine Quartz,

Smoked Quartz, Tiger’s Eye,
Polished Black Agate, Chestnut Turban Shells,
Rare Operculum, Moon Snails, Lettered Olives, Cerith and Atlantic Bubble Shells. 34”x12” Sold.


Sculpted mosaic mask, adorned with Green Aventurine, Smoky Quartz,
Tiger’s Eye, local shells and coral.

A large sculpture 15” x 28”
Perfect as a fountain by the pool.  $3,800.
A Maya Lord dressed in Jade, and shells: a mask on a mask.
Jade (jadeite) represents life and the renewal of life: the most important stone in the Maya culture

Sun God

Sculpted mask, Bronze finished fountain head.
Mosaic of; Topaz, Rose Quartz, Glass and Shells
25"x25"  $2,400
Currently on display at the Almond Tree Salon - BVI

These Mosaic Masks are one-of-a-kind sculptures, created to blend in and age beautifully in tropical climates.

All may be installed indoors or out, as fountains or decorative wall sculpture.

The shells are from the BVI, from a beach under construction, none were alive or home to wildlife when I picked them up. I've spent hours, saving these tiny pieces of beauty from becoming more sand under the crushing tracks of a bulldozer.  I've cataloged 96 species from one beach.

Visa and MasterCard accepted.

If your favorite has sold, e-mail me, I may be working on a similar piece.

More sculptures will be posted as they become available.


Sculpted Mosaic Masks - One of a kind decorative fountain art masks

Decorative Masks for Wall, Pool or Fountain