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I would like to offer limited editions and signed prints but the shipping and duty would add roughly $100 or more to the cost of a print; I’m currently living in the British Virgin Islands, and shipping from the islands is expensive, slow and unpredictable. So for now, I’m using a Print-On-Demand company; where I can offer quality, archival, fine art prints, shipped in 3-5 days, via Fed-Ex to most any place in the world.

I’d love to have my own Giclee printer to control quality, see prints before they ship, offer limited editions and signed prints... but for now, with salt air and gecko poop ruling, it’s not feasible, the poor (expensive) machine would choke and crap-out in a month, the paper would suck up the humidity and salt, and it would warp and fox, and the geckos would win and laugh themselves silly.

The P.O.D. company I’m currently using, Imagekind, offers 100% Customer Satisfaction. For that I’m grateful; any little thing that's wrong, they will reprint and ship it for free.

Selling my work online loses something. I enjoyed working with galleries, face to face time with people, signing prints, exhibit openings, so I’ve started keeping in touch with clients via e-mail (seems old school :-) a very select group of people that like what I do, like seeing my latest artwork or hear what I’m up to, and they have the ability to reply (it’s a two way street again, yay! I love that). I don’t spam, ever, (it’s been months since my last e-mail because I’ve been eyeballs deep in the edits for a novel that I hope to have out by the end of the year), but when I do have news, it’s fun to share it and receive feedback from people that are familiar with my work.

Join my group, ‘Art lovers and Readers’ and keep in touch. :) I may not be able to offer signed prints right now but you can say, “I know the artist…”

Right now the “Readers” part of that group are only my BETA readers, but it’s soon to change, I’ll be sending sample chapters out to those on my list so they can judge whether it’s their cup of tea:-)

Thank you for stopping by, viewing my work…



Virgin Islands Nautical Chart

Mixed media original.

In its new home, at the Miami Boat Show, a beautiful Mega Yacht's saloon.

The interior designer for the yacht was kind enough to send me the photo.

I love receiving photos of my work in its new home.

Gods and Boats

It's hard to love the sea (the way I do!) and not love the mythology of ancient seafaring cultures.

I love the different styles of boats and their purpose in the afterlife.

Inspired Silk Paintings

My mermaids emerge from the wavy blue corners of my mind with their own personality and style. Each ornate tail - like a fingerprint - uniquely theirs. Their hair adorned with seaweed and shells. Often they are enjoying the company of fish and dolphins: pulling the beauty of the reef and sea into one unique being. It is all imagination, fantasy and play: until they are complete. Then, they tell their own stories...

More Decorative, Old World Style Maps and Nautical Charts by Savanna Redman

Caribbean 'Islands of the Bahamas and West Indies' Ambergris Caye with a list of wrecks and history of the caye, the Mainland of Belize with the Maya Ruins marked with Mayan Hieroglyphs, and the Gulf of Thailand with a Buddha, lotus, white elephants and dragon... see all here.

U.S. and British - Virgin Islands

'Virgin Islands’ Chart of U.S. and British Virgin Islands. Anegada to St Croix.

Drawn and painted by hand. Using India ink layered with a watercolor wash. I’ve repeated a style that I created for my Thai chart, two side columns; allowing more depth for the artwork, while still playing within the boundaries of cartography.

'Virgin Islands' Nautical Chart

If you are an artist or photographer; I'll add this review of Imagekind, from an artist's perspective.

What they Don’t offer is 100% Artist Satisfaction. I’m removed from all interaction with people that like and buy my artwork, I’m in a vacuum (that I pay for). I don't hear where or how someone discovers my work, hear that they “bought a chart after a trip down to the islands, or had friends sign it at their beach wedding” or see it (via e-mail) framed and hanging in their living room or saloon of their boat (which I love seeing). I’m locked out of the loop.

The sad tradeoff for doing business online... I accept that, they are a big company, their priority is the buyer not the artists paying to use their service. Imagekind, keeps all buyer/client information for themselves, so the buyer is a faceless, nameless, mystery to me. And not that I desperately need to hear the applause of how much someone likes and connects to my work (okay, actually I do), because other than Señor 'El Gordo' Gecko chirping, the studio can get too freaking quiet. I miss the interaction. Also Imagekind uses up Pop-ups, building their mailing list (which make me cringe), offering sales site-wide any time they please (I cannot opt out) while they completely control what I can offer my clients (that ruffles my feathers!)

But as far as customer satisfaction, the quality and cost of shipping… and until I have a non-islandie studio with humidity and gecko control, and a stable source of electrical current… The P.O.D. is the best work-around to living on a sandy, sun strokes, rum soaked piece of land. I can be certain my clients are receiving a quality product in a timely manner and for today that is what's important.

I do keep hoping a POD will come along offering artists and photographers better options....

'Hey Universe, here's an opportunity for someone...'

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I've included; the Tortola Sloop, sailing ships, most all the bays - especially old favorites like, 'Throw Away Wife Bay' off of Great Camanoe Island (some names just make you wonder). For the trade wind, I have drawn a misty Saint Ursula with a lamp for her virgin followers. I've included; reefs, shoals and drops, Pelicans, Magnificent Frigatebirds, game fish (for fishermen friends), sea turtles, Nurse Shark, Spotted Eagle Ray (for dive buddies), Bottle Nose Dolphin and more sea life mixed in with my mermaids and sea monsters.

Detail of the bottom right corner of the VI chart, shows my signature (under the nurse shark).

  • Quality Giclee prints are available in six sizes, on archival paper and canvas, with an option of quality mats and custom framing to perfectly suit your décor.

  • Prints can be shipped world wide, to you or your gift recipient, usually within 5 days via FedEx.

  • If you live outside of the USA and have any questions or problems with the shopping cart or processing, call the Imagekind customer service 1-800-351-8986 

  • If you have any questions about the artwork feel free to email me -  info @ savannaredman .com

Dionysus Sailing with Dolphins

It’s hard to love the sea and not love mythology!

Read more about Dionysus here.

Egyptian Barque, a soul's journey

A scared barque traveling on the celestial Nile of the afterlife. Irynefer is standing in a pose of respect toward the Gray Heron (a sacred bird that represents the ba or soul and the sun god Ra), the disk of the sun (over the heron and over the stern of the boat) are also symbols of Ra.

Jaguar Paddler God
One of three Mayan Gods - known as the Palenque Triad... This one - with the Jaguar headdress leads the canoe - the Maze Paddler God usually steers from the stern. Symbols on the paddle, canoe and tattooed on his arms, show the hieroglyphs for heaven or supreme other world.

Caribbean Dragon - At Night
Drawn by hand - in India ink on D’Arches watercolor paper (White paper, a lot of ink, it was a large drawing).

My sea monsters create themselves - when I set my mind free to play.
I was surprised when the moon and the depth of the shadows pulled the waves into an almost stylized botanical motif and a nigh scene. It started as a day scene with a sun, obviously it evolved on it’s own - as my mythical creatures do.. I cannot explain where these things come from - when they simply emerges from the depth of my subconscious.

I do find it funny that something in my mind likes an extravagant baroque style. And, for unknown reasons, these drawings (with the subconscious influence) become favorites.

In the west, dragons are seen as evil, represent chaos or are the devil incarnate.
In the east (as with most things), the view is 180 degrees the other way. (I enjoy an eastern view of dragons, even though this sea monster looks a tad-bit aggressive.) Dragons are who you want around when times are tough, a benevolent and fierce protector who rules the elemental forces of the world. They bring the gift of rain and fertility of the earth, spiritual knowledge, happiness and even immortality. The Chinese dragon processions with the paper dragons and fierce masks celebrate the germinating blessing of the spring rains.

*If you are an artist or photographer, you may like to read my POD Review at the bottom of the page.

The image of the framed chart at the top of the page is the most popular print size and the way I like to frame it for my exhibits. I order it printed on the archival, Epson 'Enhanced Matte' in the "Large" size (30" x 22" approximately). In this size the bays are easy to read. The medium size is popular too, but I'd avoid the petite and small, the islands and artwork do still show nicely in the smaller sizes but the fine print of the bays needs a magnifying glass.

The Virgin Islands Chart to the left, is shown as a 'stretched canvas' Giclee in the 'Large' size, with the 'Soft Edge' Option. This is great for the larger sizes.

Easy, ready to hang, no frame or glazing necessary.

Custom framing is an option on stretched canvas.
If you like to DIY. All prints are available rolled and shipped in a tube, to stretch or frame yourself.

   While following the equator, I’ve grown attached to maps and charts. I created these charts for myself, a souvenir of sorts, of where I was living, creating, sailing and diving. (I'm currently living in the BVI.)

I've always enjoyed the artistic beauty of antique maps, however; I wanted these to be correct, showing the current names and location of towns, villages, bays and reefs.

   Creating in this old world style - using India ink and watercolor - is playtime for my imagination. Every scrap of paper is embellished with local boats, old sailing ships, imagined mermaids, sea monsters and island vignettes. To me, this combination of precision and imaginative doodling formed a synergy: splicing the present with the past, allowing each place, each chart, to show its own character.

Beautiful Creatures of the Mind

India Ink Drawings with Watercolor

Mermaids and Sea Dragons

What started out being creatures of mind

for my charts, soon took on a life of their

own, (they owned the charts) and demanded

their own space.

Click the drop down list, under Art in the header, to see more of my ink drawing and paintings.

This site is going through a few changes so please check back in to see more, soon.

It is in the details...

See Saint Ursula? She's in the clouds over the islands; filling sails and playing with the Frigatebirds. (A lot of little ink dots!)

Savanna Redman

Nothing's computer generated here.

It's all drawn and painted by hand and embellished with creative detail from my mind.