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Custom Signed Fine Art

Custom, personalized chart of the Islands of the Bahamas and West Indies
Pen and Ink Drawings with Watercolor

Old World Style Charts, Maps & Mythical Creatures by Savanna


*Please ignore the watermarks; sadly, they are a necessity online. They will not be on your print.*

I can finally offer custom signed art prints at no additional cost to you. And you don't need to be on the island for me to do it!

Free shipping in the US.
Please allow 2-weeks.

Your print will be special ordered, printed, shipped to me, signed and shipped to you.
If this is for a special specific date please give me a heads up and plenty of time.

Simply select the print size below that you prefer and the type of art paper and let me know what you would like to have written on your print.

Space is limited as to what I can write, but a word or two can make the chart uniquely personal. Example: On a Caribbean chart, a guest of a new boat owner asked me to write, "Home is where the anchor drops," and add the boat's name on his surprise house warming gift. Nice friend. More examples of what clients have requested are in a post in the Journal titled: 'Personalizing it'.

‘Islands of the Bahamas and West Indies’ 

Drawn and painted by hand. Using India ink layered with a watercolor wash in an old world style. Nothing is computer generated here. The mermaids and sea dragons create themselves when I settle into the sun dabbled corner of my mind on a stack of floor pillows with my box of sixty-four Crayola Crayons (with its built-in sharpener), pens and loads of paper.

​The idea for this Caribbean chart formed around an idyllic day; the trade winds (as a cherub) gently playing with old sailing ships and Magnificent Frigatebirds, the sun setting in the Gulf, the passages marked for easy navigation, and embellished with my mermaids and sea monsters.

The chart shows the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos through the Caribbean archipelago, into the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula and down the east coast of Central America where I’ve included a few small islands off the coast simply because I was playing or living there and I want to see them on a map. Isla Mujeres, Ambergris Caye, the Bay Islands of Honduras. I drift down the coastline to Rio Dulce, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, on down the north coast of South America to Isla Margarita, and Trinidad.

This chart is not an ‘old world map’ in one very important way, it includes the ports of today, the places we drop anchor. As reference material I use GPS locations, satellite images and true nautical charts, so my maps are pretty accurate compared to the cartographers of old, limited to celestial navigation or the captain’s rum soaked notes. Still, I do not advise charting your course on any map with mermaids and sea monsters. Sit back, enjoy a rum and dream of idyllic days.

The most popular print size is the 24 x 31"

Fine art Giclee Printed on:
Epson Enhanced Matte - $148.99  _Buy Now_

Hahnemühle Photo-rag - $267.99 _Buy Now_

Enhanced Matte verses Hahnemühle Photo-rag

View Print Paper Specs - Here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

The next most popular sizes:

16 x 21"

Epson Enhanced Matte - $94.99

Hahnemühle Photo-rag - $148.99

36 x 46"

Epson Enhanced Matte - $179.99

Hahnemühle Photo-rag - $294.99

*For easy matting and framing, my Caribbean chart has a one inch (painted) salvage boarder, with a quarter inch more added to the bottom to accommodate a signature line (a smidgen more breathing room).

More Charts and Maps - Available Custom Signed and Personalized

All prints are available in custom sizes from 8 x 10" to 44 x 60" on archival art paper or canvas.
I will be updating this page. But for today: inquire for size and price if it is not listed in the details.


To see how others have used their custom signed prints, check out to my post in the journal here. (near bottom of page)

* If time is short, my fine art prints are also available dropped-ship direct to you from my printer. Without an added customized note or signature.
Same archival quality and size options. The artwork itself is signed - but there's not an additional signature on the print.

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