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Journey - Logo


My logo Journey: sculpted on the back of my sterling silver jewelry

and on the designer tag on the chain.

Sterling lobster clasp with extension ch
The spiral on the back of my jewelry is 'Journey', my logo.
From the beginning of time, stardust and ancestral genes, we spiral out on our unique journeys, growing, creating, changing, yet always circling our true self, our origin, our first dawn.

I created this glyph as a note-to-self — drawing it in the margins of my sketchbooks.
Each sketch, like each day, is a step on the trail following passions, growing in a continuous spiral.
The compass points represent the four winds and my love for travel and discoveries — both around the world and inside my head.

Close up the path would not be a perfectly smooth clockwise spiral; switchbacks, stalls, falls, floods and hurricanes happen. But from a cosmic perspective of the time continuum, I'm moving forward and in the right direction.

I need to remind myself of this when the path seems to wander off the map or fall away into a dark abyss, so I draw it in the margins and wear it as a talisman.

My reminder: life is a journey pack light and make the most of every day of this trip.
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