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Custom Signed and Personalized Option for Unframed Prints

Custom personalized and signed print option

Custom Signed and Personalized Option


If you have an occasion coming up, or there's someone you would like to buy a unique gift for, add the print and this special option to your shopping cart. I will have the print shipped to my address. Sign it with your special message, add my signature, and then ship it on to you.


This can take 4-5 weeks: print, ship, personalize, ship, receive. 

So give yourself plenty of time.


I sign my original artwork - so that signature is included on all of my prints.

But if you would like an original signature and a dedication or memorable note, I'm happy to provide it. I just need to cover the additional shipping and handling this extra step requires.


*For the moment, this offer is only good in the US, and on unframed prints.


I've custom signed many charts for clients while they were on vacation and I was living in the islands. Most like to add the name of their boat and a date. Those purchased as gifts often have a greeting or best wishes: "Best Wishes Bill and Sue, from Captain John." "Congratulations Jane! Love Bre". "Home Sweet Home Is On The Beach!" A house-warming gift for a new boat: "Home is where the anchor drops + the boat's name."…


On a Virgin Islands chart that a wife bought as a surprise gift for her husband, she requested their charter vessel's name and asked me to mark a small red X at a specific site on the map. The wife had a giggle fit (when she drew a dot in pencil precisely where she wanted it) but would not elaborate. I'll always wonder.


One couple purchased a set of Belize maps to have guests sign at their beach wedding reception in Belize. Their friend's signatures and good wishes made the maps an extra special keepsake. I had signed and added a "blessing quote" they'd requested on the bottom of each before shipping the maps to their address in the US for them to hand-carry down with the wedding gown…


My charts lend themselves to this, but other prints, too. 

A client purchased the Traveler's Palm as a wedding present for the bride-to-be because she and her family were from Madagascar. Strelitziaceae is a symbol of Madagascar.


Some request an original signature to add to their print's value and nothing more.


So let me know if you have a request.

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