Savanna Redman

Artist and author, might sound like an odd combination but like most creatives, my muse hand delivers inspiration to be modeled or hatched in several mediums. Some find their muse delivers music and poetry. Mine delivers stories in an image to paint or draw, like a scrap of film on the cutting room floor, via dreams and lucid daydreams. Each story comes with its own medium, paint, ink or sometimes sculpting in various media. And always, I’ve written creative stories along with the painting. But I didn’t take the writing serious, my paintings and ink drawings were my focus, until I moved to Mae Nam Thailand for a year and my box of art supplies took a solo tour of Asia. So, with only my carry-on and notebook in hand, words became my new creative medium.

Savanna Painting a pool mural
Butterfly Bones - Visions are the Voice of the Soul. Novel by Savanna Redman
Oil and Watercolor Painting by Savanna Redman
'The Goddess - Colorizing Journal' by Savanna Redman
Short Stories, Dreams, 'The Dream Journal of Amanda J. Wilde - Year of My Death' by Savanna Redman
Pool Mural, Spotted Eagle Ray Swimming

Savanna Redman


Spotted Eagle Ray

Mural in the bottom of a swimming pool.

Add water and he swims!

Garden Mural One of three walls.

Best compliment, came from two Iguanas, trying to eat the flowers.

Everything, even the cobblestone is paint.

Garden and Pool Murals by Savanna Redman
Orchid Dreaming - watercolor by Savanna Redman

Savanna Redman


Queen Conch Watercolor by Savanna Redman - shown as a Giclee Print on Canvas
Lighthouse Reef - oil painting by Savanna Redman - shown as a stretched canvas Giclee

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Books by Savanna Redman

Novels, Short Stories, Journals

A Journey Through Art

Interview with the artist Savanna Redman

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I'm inspired by nature, wildlife, travel and ancient cultures; creating art while traveling and living in Honduras, Belize, Australia, Thailand, Egypt, and now the British Virgin Islands. Sign up for my newsletter and join me on Facebook and Twitter to follow the day to day fun.

Painting at the beach. Savanna Redman
Humming Bird oil painting by Savanna Redman
Yellow Trumpet Dreaming

Hummingbird Oil on Canvas  4'x5'
Fine Art Original Paintings and Prints

Savanna Redman painting a shark mural in a swimming pool
Guardian of Resting Souls - oil painting by Savanna Redman
Hand drawn Caribbean Nautical Chart by Savanna Redman
Mosaic Mask, Sculpture by Savanna Redman

Artist Savanna Redman would describe her wanderlust life and accompanying body of work as “ever-evolving.” The seasoned traveler has used worldly backdrops from almost every continent—and the alluring experiences therein—to navigate and influence her life to this point. Today, Savanna can be found on Tortola, where she uses the various inspiring environs to influence her canvases, and the soft sandy beaches as her makeshift studios. But tomorrow, it may be back to the rainforests of Belize, rice fields of Southeast Asia, or pyramids of Egypt. For this BVI artist, there is no boundary to inhibit her work.

Savanna Redman - painting at the beach
Dionysus Sailing with Dolphins, silk painting by Savanna Redman - shown as a stretched canvas Giclee
Wild life paintings and prints

Belize Inspired Paintings
Flora & Fauna; Jaguars, Toucans, Hummingbirds, Dolphins, Turtles...

Caribbean Chart, Virgin Islands, Belize, Gulf of Thailand

Nautical Charts

Hand drawn and painted charts and maps

in an antique style; Caribbean, U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Gulf of Thailand, Ambergris Caye and Belize mainland...


Oil and watercolor paintings