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Amanda J. Wilde series

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Disruption by Savanna Redman

Nothing is ever as rock-solid as denial — or as threatening as change.
Just one week ago, Amanda would have described her life as perfect.

Against the odds, life finally matched her lifelong desire to feel settled; comfortable in a great relationship, living together in a charming apartment in a historic district of Chicago, a new job at a quality firm — even the frightening nightmares and premonition dreams had stopped. And the icing on this perfect cake; an adopted rescue dog named Sunny.   

When tragic events shift her life’s trajectory, her nightmares and dark premonition dreams return. … Read More or Buy Now

Tumbling Down
A Novel
Book 1 in the Amanda J. Wilde series

For some, nightmares come true.

On the surface, she's living the life she has always wanted, the one she's worked hard for; a satisfying career, married, owns a comfortable home with a backyard just big enough to throw a Frisbee.

She's managed to avoid the darkest shadows where the demons of a traumatic childhood lurk, where nightmares and premonitions of brutal and unstoppable events hide. … Read More or Buy Now

A Novel
Book 2 in the Amanda J. Wilde series

As the wheels touch down on the runway at Belize’s international airport, an old Buddhist saying skips through Amanda’s mind; “Make the truth your island, make the truth your refuge; there is no other refuge.”

The life she’s worked so hard to achieve has crashed and burned.
Amanda Wilde needs a refuge; a safe place, time for bruises to heal, a space to assess the damage, and gain distance from the barrage of events that nearly ended her life. 

… Read More or Buy Now

A Novel
Book 3 in the Amanda J. Wilde series

Life’s a beach. Until a tsunami of trouble follows you ashore.

The tropical sun, trade winds, and clear blue Caribbean Sea have helped heal Amanda Wilde’s physical bruises and damaged soul.

But she can’t escape her past. The mysteries surrounding the house fire, her angry estranged husband, and the premonition dream from her childhood ticking down on the year of her death; spreads out like a rip current from her damaged life in Chicago and reaches the caye, threatening not only her life but the lives of new friends.

… Read More or Buy Now

gifts from the gods

Amanda Wilde is following a dream, and the consequences can be life-altering.
She is loving island life. Living in a small thatch-roofed cabin on the beach, meditating at sunrise, teaching herself to paint, and reconnecting with nature; has created a synergy that's restoring her soul.

Chicago's rumbling background noises and her problems there are one thousand six hundred eighty as-the-crow-flies miles away from this little lost-in-time caye in Belize. But it feels like a century or more in time travel as Amanda walks the wet sandy edge of a natural, wild stretch of beach. The morning sun sparkling across the Caribbean Sea, birds chirp and whistle from the palms and mangroves as she beach combs, looking for her new gift to paint. … Read More or Buy Now

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Coming Soon
Book 6 in the
Amanda J. Wilde series
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Other Books by Savanna Redman

Crossing Paths
Short Read

Some choose their path. Others trip and fall onto one.
But none can predict where it will end.

When a well-dressed man sits on the dirty sidewalk and offers Jack a bag of fast food, a Peregrine Falcon circles the city skyline, watching.

There are moments when you know; life is about to change, and at that moment, Jack knew. But he could never have guessed how. … Read More

The Goddess Colorizing Journal
The Goddess Colorizing Journal
The Goddess Colorizing Journal is a thought provoking curation of mythological goddesses by master artists, brilliant quotes by creative minds and embellished journal pages.
Choose your quill; be it goose, raven, peacock or swan, and your rainbows of ink: discover the magic.
Colorizing beautiful artwork and journaling work together; they swim through the subconscious breaking the chains, removing the dust and freeing the mind.
The embellished journal pages are a place to explore thoughts, ponder the symbolism buried in the drawings and the deeper meanings of quotes by visionaries, artists, and writers.  ... Read More
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