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Title: Disruption

Short Story -- Prequel
Series: Amanda J. Wilde
ISBN #978-1-945517-06-8 (e-book) 
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Nothing is ever as rock-solid as denial — or as threatening as change.

Just one week ago, Amanda would have described her life as perfect.

Against the odds, life finally matched her lifelong desire to feel settled; comfortable in a great relationship, living together in a charming apartment in a historic district of Chicago, a new job at a quality firm — even the frightening nightmares and premonition dreams had stopped. And the icing on this perfect cake; an adopted rescue dog named Sunny.

When tragic events shift her life’s trajectory, her nightmares and dark premonition dreams return.

These dreams never lie, but understanding their twisted symbolism requires rooting around in the past and a damaged childhood, a place she tries to avoid.

I understand why most people ignore their dreams.

I just can’t. They won’t let me.

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