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Refuge. A Novel Book 2 in the Amanda J. Wilde series. Women's Contemporary Fiction.


A Novel

Series: Amanda J. Wilde (Book 2)
Contemporary Women's Fiction
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ISBN # 978-1-945517-12-9 (ebook)
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As the wheels touch down on the runway at Belize’s international airport, an old Buddhist saying skips through Amanda’s mind; “Make the truth your island, make the truth your refuge; there is no other refuge.”

The life she’s worked so hard to achieve has crashed and burned.
Amanda Wilde needs a safe place, time for bruises to heal, a space to assess the damage, and gain distance from the barrage of events that nearly ended her life. 

To friends and coworkers, she said, “It’s time to pick up the pieces. Two or three weeks alone on the beach in Cancun, soaking up the sun, and visiting blue fish on the reef should do the trick, and then she would return to her job and search for an apartment.”

She knew that was a stretch. Sorting through lies, deceits, and her disturbing dreams would take time, but heaped on top of all that is the pain from the tragic loss of her closest friend and her broken marriage. It would not be a simple vacation on the beach, or that after it like magic, life would return to normal. Normal was over.

Her true destination is a private island off the coast of Belize, far from the crowded Avenida Kukulkan in Cancun and even farther from the danger of those that might have followed from Chicago.

As she steps onto the hot tarmac in Belize, she knows — life has changed forever.

Amanda's journey continues in Asylum.

Amanda J. Wilde series reading order:

Disruption (a short story - prequel)
Tumbling Down (novel)
Refuge (novel)
Asylum (novel)
gifts from the gods (a short story)

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