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The Goddess Colorizing Journal Cover

The Goddess

Colorizing Journal


197 Page Journal

Dimensions : 8.5 x 0.48 x 11"​


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The Goddess Colorizing Journal is a thought provoking curation of mythological goddesses by master artists, brilliant quotes by creative minds and embellished journal pages.


Choose your quill; be it goose, raven, peacock or swan, and your rainbows of ink: discover the magic.

Colorizing beautiful artwork and journaling work together; they swim through the subconscious breaking the chains, removing the dust and freeing the mind.


The embellished journal pages are a place to explore thoughts, ponder the symbolism buried in the drawings and the deeper meanings of quotes by visionaries, artists, and writers.


This journal features full-page drawings of beautiful goddesses from western art; Venus, Diana, Minerva ... and allegorical goddess personifying the senses, time, history, the elements and the continents; where abstract ideas are distilled into beautiful drawings by master artists.


Many of the drawings in this curated collection are from the fifteenth and sixteenth century.  Hundreds of years of damage from age and mishandling have been erased, the images carefully repaired and their beauty restored.


Sharpen your quill and enjoy.




The combination of journaling and colorizing beautiful works of art — for as little as twenty minutes a day — can have life altering effects.  The two working together, create a synergistic effect that alters brainwaves and blows the dust off of neuropathways.  Hours later, unexpected side effects can occur.  Including but not limited to; moments of euphoria, giddy sensations of well-being, laughing out loud, colors seem brighter, creative ideas arrive out of the freaking blue and epiphanies are not uncommon.


Recommended for Women of all ages. 


*** Fine Art - Partial Nudity (Goddesses in fine art are often depicted topless or lightly clothed).


If your daughters have been to museums...

If you want to expose them to fine art...


Explore the free 'Look Inside' to view the first few pages of this Journal.


Beautiful strong women are empowering.

Explore the free 'Look Inside' to view the first few pages of this Journal.

* Goddesses in fine art are often depicted topless or lightly clothed.

If your daughters have been to museums they've seen artwork like this.

If you want to expose them to fine art; this journal can help...


5-Star Reviews


"I absolutely adored this Journal as it is so multi-faceted. The artwork is phenomenal. I have found that coloring a page and really getting into it provides the right background for then journalling on the opposite page. Somehow when you are coloring, and i use colored pencils, a message comes across that pertains to your life thus helping you to write down your thoughts. If you don't want to either color or write - no problem - just do the other. My 19 year old granddaughter was visiting me when the Goddess Journal arrived. She was so into it that i just gave her mine and ordered another one. She loves hers as that was some months ago and she tells me all the time how it has helped her to keep a journal. I would really suggest this journal as a gift. What woman wouldn't love this? Great quotes, too - a true and creative way to help you reach your inner spirit and child. Savanna did an excellent job in creating this for us to use."

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