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I am a lifelong keeper of journals: daily life, art projects, travel, dreams...

College-ruled notebooks and composition books fill a basic need as a journal. But, I've always defaced them in some way to make them, more personal, more attractive to me. I don't think I'm alone in this quest, so I've created a series of lined college-ruled notebooks with artwork on the covers and a pretty first page.

Most of these journals are the popular 6"x 9" size with 150 lined pages plus a decorative cover page to personalize the notebook.

The Zodiac journals are spacious 8.5"x 11" with 150 lined white pages with glossy covers in a gold foil embossed style. Each cover includes the godlike representative of the zodiac sign, its corresponding symbol—fire, earth, air, or water—and the ruling planets. A star chart embellishes the first page with space to personalize the book.


*These are currently available through Amazon.

I will be expanding distribution soon to provide more buying options.

6" x 9" Journals
150 college-ruled pages, providing ample space for your thoughts, dreams, and inspirations to flourish. 

Click the image to see the front and back of the journal and read the full description on Amazon.
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