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Butterfly Bones

Butterfly Bones - Novel by Savanna Redman
Butterfly Bones
Visions are the Voice of the Soul
351 Page Novel


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Nothing’s permanent, you know?

Nothing’s really what it seems...
Amanda Wilde has built a satisfying life; married, a solid career as an investment adviser, owns a comfortable home with a backyard just big enough to throw a Frisbee. On the surface, she’s living the dream... With a single-minded focus on the nine-to-five, she’s managed to avoid the darkest shadows where the demons of a traumatic childhood lurk, where nightmares and premonitions of brutal and unstoppable events hide.  

Hunted by the premonition of her own death, Amanda has pushed the thought out of her mind ... until on a routine morning run, the scent of honeysuckle blooming in the neighbor’s yard hits like a time stamp on the dream: the premonition can no longer be ignored.


Within a matter of days, a tsunami of tragic events turns everything upside down, causing the thin walls between reality and imagination to blur with sadistic twists. Amanda heads down a dangerous path, her mind dangling from a damaged thread, pulled between the dual reality of the day-world in the life she’s built, and the toothy night-world: forcing her to reevaluate everything as she fights to survive.


Drawing us in with vivid prose, Butterfly Bones delivers a moving and thought-provoking account of a woman forced to take a deeper look at her life’s choices: questioning deeply held beliefs as she moves from denial and tragedy to fighting for survival.


A captivating novel prompting flashes of self-discovery and enlightenment around the myths we create, it invites us to look beyond the surface and dive into our own subconscious.


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5-star reviews from readers


     I've been numb for a long time, grief, depression but this book made me feel something. I cried, I got emotionally invested in Amanda and her view of life. A wonderful insight in how we compartmentalize our life to survive. The book has a rhythm to it, it sweeps you up and you are right there, in the zoo, in the kitchen with the Barbie dolls, its a magical book. Reminded me of Alice Hoffman and I adore her books.
     Thank you Savannah Redman, its always a joy to find a new writer worth reading.

5-star reviews from readers

Writing as Beautiful as the Cover

5-star reviews from readers

     BUTTERFLY BONES is a terrific novel about dreams, both literal and metaphorical. It is about a complicated woman living a complicated life.

     From the opening page as Amanda experiences a lucid dream, we’re thrown into a multi-sensory world, seeing the shadow of black branches against a violet sky, hearing the buzz of insects, smelling the scent of honeysuckle, feeling the chill of cold dew om our bare feet. And from the first pages we also know that Amanda may long for a normal life but she is ANYTHING but normal.

     This is a surprising book. As the story unfolds, it expands, brought alive by Redman’s beautifully vivid writing. Amanda relates how she feels when “a word hits with the force of an arrow with a bone-splitting fixed blade broadhead” and we know EXACTLY how that feels.

     This is the first in a series, and once you’ve read this one, you will be so so pleased that there are more books to read.

Brilliant debut novel. Cant wait for Book 2!

     A friend of a friend mentioned this book on a Facebook post and I thought I'd give it a go - not really expecting anything special as Im a bit picky about what I read - if I'm not "into it" after the first chapter, I generally cant be bothered to plough on. But WOW! I enjoyed this book SO MUCH I cannot wait to read book 2! It was so well written and the author has a really unique style of writing. I was gripped from the start and basically read the whole thing in one sitting, in between shooing my husband and toddler away from disturbing me. Its a great book, a great story and its only just beginning. Bring on Book 2! Im SOLD!

5-star reviews from readers

Captured by the Thin Veil between Dreams and   Reality

     I have just finished reading Butterfly Bones, and find I might need to go back and read it again! This book held me suspended between the main character's reality and her dreams. I was catapulted back and forth and more than a few times, surprised to find I had crossed over into the wrong her reality, when it was her dream....I was on edge throughout the book, not wanting to put it down until I had resolution. The main character, Amanda, became so much a part of my own psyche that at different times, I wanted to hold her, shake her, scream at her, cry with her....she is multi faceted, as is this book.
     The descriptions are so vivid that I was able to see the colors, smell the smells, and feel the textures as if I was the character, and not the reader.
      And just when I thought I had things figured out, BOOM! I was catapulted again into a whole new place.

     I anxiously await continuing on Amanda's journey and delving more into her world.

     This book is an inspiration to create and to break out of boundaries, those of our own making and those that others have built for us.
     Brilliant debut novel. Cant wait for Book 2!

5-star reviews from readers

Absolutely brilliant …

     This book grabbed me by the throat and didn't let go till I got to the end - to good to miss out on. This book was full of discovery, every turn a surprise. Savanna Redman is a master of story, Pulling the reader towards the next chapter and then the next. A maze of unexpected events and twist.

5-star reviews from readers

How could I not the love the assimilations to our cultural experiences

     This book is a kaleidoscope of emotions. Stay focused as every turn of the page begs the question, "Am I awake or am I dreaming?"

     The use of imagery creates a sensory explosion. You will visualize Amanda's dreamy artistic animal kingdom; Smell the ever-evolving layers of candy-coated nightmares; Taste each bud of desire to trust; Hear the vibrato of her heartstrings; and Feel each band-aid applied and re-applied to her open wounds.

     Each character holds and important piece of the puzzle; yet the puzzle will never have a straight-edge. You will also learn that guardian angels come in all formats.

     Butterfly Bones held a personal connection of a ruminating mind; consequently it provided self-help coaching by testing my concentration. There were many ties between chapters and you will find yourself paging between them seeking answers; yet the answers still loom.

     Being a Chicago native, how could I not love the assimilations to our cultural experiences? I was one with the landmarks from the lions guarding the Art Institute to the animal habitat of Lincoln Park Zoo.     

     The clarity of details transports you into each venue and you never want to leave!

     Thank you, Savanna! I am eagerly awaiting the next sequence...The Scent of Blue!

5-star reviews from readers

Could not put this book down!!

     I give this book 5 stars because it was definitely a page turner. The characters are very easy to relate to. Best book I have read this year.         Can't wait for the next one to come out! Please hurry.... we are waiting.

5-star reviews from readers

A Super Book for Summer Reading - No, make that all year long.

     Here is a book that is an absolute must for your summer reading - or winter too as it is just that good. Where have you been all of my life, Savanna? You are a born writer and obviously a student of Jung in character analysis and dream development. I loved the shifts in polarities - from young to old, from light to dark, from love to fear and then back again. Amanda is a great character and definitely someone I would love to get to know. Her life reveals so many of the problems facing women today, and possible solutions also. I also loved the mystical that was entertwined - it adds a lot to rounding out the entire plat. Savanna has a real knack and I hope this is just the first in many to come.
Also, a great gift for that special person in your life. Definitely a five star read.

5-star reviews from readers

Fabulous summer read by a very talented new author

     I received an advance ARC for this book so decided to give it a go. I had every intention of reading the first couple of chapters and then go back to it later. 2.5 hrs later and I had read it cover to cover. This book grasped and held my attention right from the first page and exceeded all expectations. The characters are well developed and the story line is is fascinating. What is real, what is imagined?

     Highly recommended as a great summer read and I can't wait to start in on The Dream Journal to see where Amanda's voyage of discovery takes her. This book will appeal to men or women . Savanna Redman has a knack for telling a good story and I hope this series continues.

     If you enjoyed The Time Travellers Wife, you will love Butterfly Bones

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Butterfly Bones
Butterfly Bones Reviews
Ebook, Paperback or Hardcover
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