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*Currently Sold Out.
I will update this page and send out a notice to my followers when it is available again. 
Rain: sterling silver tree frog pendant
double 'Rain' earring threads by Savanna Redman
Rastafarian Lion pendant by Savanna Redm

***My jewelry is handmade and in limited supply.***
If you are interested in a piece, please contact me here.


When the sun edges between the lush earth and velvet vault of sky, reach for the juicy fruits of life.
Sunrise, Silver Pendant by Savanna Redman
Sculpted Sterling Silver Pendant

Sterling Silver Pendant on 18” Premium Leather Cord

Spider Monkey is reaching for mangoes with Mayan hieroglyph for sunrise on the top bail.

Approximately 1.75"w x 1.5"h

$480. *Currently sold out.

Sculpted in wax and cast using the lost wax method.
Each jewelry sculpture I create is painstakingly polished and finished by hand, then strung on quality leather cord accented with solid sterling silver end caps, lobster claw clasp, and one inch of extension chain.

A rich patina adds drama and gleam to this pendant. A smooth finish makes it a joy to touch.

Sterling lobster clasp with extension on silver pendant by Savanna Redman
Sunrise, image showing the back of a silver pendant by Savanna Redman
Sunrise Silver Pendant by Savanna Redman

This pendant is a wonderful, tactile meditation piece.

Close your eyes and remember your connection to nature and wildlife — bliss-filled moments to lighten your spirit. Breathe in the fresh morning air with its warm earthy scent. As the predawn sky lightens, you can hear the Spider Monkeys chattering in the trees and almost taste the juicy sweet mangoes.

As the sun streaks through the mist and breaks over the canopy of an ancient Maya rainforest, toucans and howler monkeys joining in, celebrating a new day.

If you can’t be in the rain forest — be there in spirit — wearing this beautiful sterling silver pendant.

The spiral on the back of my jewelry is ‘Journey’ my logo.

Description below

I loved carving this piece. I’ve drawn and painted this monkey and his brothers several times over the years. It is one of those images forever etched in my mind and now drawn from memories of sitting on my deck at sunrise, having a great cup of coffee, watching the monkeys in the trees, and sketching. Bliss Moments.

Mayan hieroglyphs often work their way into my artwork. In the cartouche - Sunrise (top bead), the sun glyph is the circle with the four dots inside. The sun is squeezing between the two glyphs for heaven and earth, being followed by the glyph for the moon in three phases on the left. “Sunrise”

My use here of the sunrise glyph here is symbolic, representing a new day, a fresh canvas, a fresh beginning.

I love monkeys, wickedly smart ambassadors of the rain forest.

Reef Fish in Waves

Reef Fish Silver Pendant by Savanna Redman

The two fish represent freedom, happiness, and going with the flow of life.

Inspired from a day snorkeling close to a break where several Parrotfish were playing in the bubbles and currents swirling over the coral reef.

Sterling Silver Fish Pendant on 3mm Premium Leather Cord.
Pendant 1” x 1.25”

18” Premium Leather Cord with 1” Extension and Designer Tag
the reef and fish intertwine in the smooth curls of waves and sparkle in this sculptural pendant. 

$280. *Currently sold out.

Reef Fish Silver Pendant by Savanna Redman
Sterling lobster clasp with extension
Back of Reef Fish Silver Pendant by Savanna Redman


Tree Frog on a Leaf in the Rain

Watching a tiny enchanting tree frog, singing with obvious glee for the fresh warm rain, was the inspiration behind this pendant and the series Rain.

Sterling Silver Pendant on 3mm Premium Leather Cord.
Pendant 1-3/8 x 1-7/16   35mm x 37mm

Quality 3mm, 18-inch Leather Cord Certified 100% Lead-Free.

Smooth Lobster clasp with 1” extension chain + sterling designer tag with the logo Journey.

Pendant: Rain, on Leather Cord, Gift Boxed - $265.

*Currently sold out.

Rain- sterling silver pendant by Savanna
The back of the Silver Pendant 'Rain' by Savanna Redman
Rain sterling silver tree frog pendant

* Note all of the pieces are super shiny, I sometimes dull them down to photograph them, to better show the detail and lessen sun flares. Showing different settings with Rain.

Rain -- Earrings
Silver earrings by Savanna Redman

Rain - French Wires

Polished Sterling Silver Raindrop Earrings with Sterling hook style wire are 1.125" long (wires + drop), comfortably light to wear. $59.95 

*Currently sold out.

Silver earring threads by Savanna Redman

Rain - Sterling Silver Ear Threads
Delicate and light weight, 'Rain' earrings are elegant alone, or beautifully echo the sculpted 'Rain' Pendants.

Sterling Silver Raindrop Ear threads offer amazing comfort and an incredible range of versatility. Each thread features an ear post seamlessly attached to box chain.


Ear-Threads adjust to the length you would like (shorter for day, longer for evening or depending on the neckline) simply by sliding the thread through to the desired length. 

Silver earring threads by Savanna Redman

Single Drop Ear Threads

Adjusts in length from a classy 1.5" to an chic 2.5"   


*currently sold out

check back.

Treefrog Rain. Silver Pendant by Savanna Redman

Double Drop Ear Threads

This glimmering pair easily adjusts in length from 2" to an long stylish 3.25"    


$79.95  *Currently sold out.

Wild Tamarind Seed Cuff

Caribbean in Spirit

Wild Tamarind Silver Cuff by Savanna Redman
Sterling Silver Bracelet

The inspiration for this sculpted silver cuff is the Wild Tamarind, a plant that grows freely around the Caribbean Islands. In the lush rainy season its branches are decorated with long bright green pods.

Wild Tamarind Seed Cuff - Gift Boxed

$415.  *Currently sold out.

Tulum Sunrise

Sterling Silver Cuff

Silver Cuff by Savanna Redman
Silver Cuff by Savanna Redman

The Tulum Sunrise cuff was inspired by a drawing I created while sitting near the Tulum ruins, at the edge of the surf, on stones carved by time and transformed by sea.

Waves, sand, and eddies of the sea around smooth stones... History is in the sand.


*Currently sold out.

Silver Cuff by Savanna Redman

Jaguar Shaman

Jaguar Shaman silk painting by Savanna Redman

The Jaguar was the most revered animal in Mesoamerica. They played a significant role in the Maya religion and were an important Shamanic symbol. With its power and grace, the Jaguar held the top position in the food chain, and this supremacy was greatly admired and sought after. 

In states of ritual transformation, humans changed themselves into jaguars from at least Olmec times onward. Kings, chiefs, and shamans often wore pelts, sandals, and headdresses made from the Jaguar. In addition, necklaces of jade beads in the shape of jaguar teeth and stone thrones often took the Jaguar form. 

Jaguar Shaman Pendant by Savanna Redman.

Jaguar Shaman  Silver Pendant

approximately 1.25"w x 2"h


 On the top of a temple, a Maya Shaman dances to become his animal-self the Jaguar, his uay, calling the wisdom of the Jaguar.

 In the distance, a temple edges over the jungle. 

A Mayan glyph Sky Band runs across the top of the pendant.

* Currently Sold Out.

Inspiration and Process

I first painted the Jaguar Shaman as a silk painting. And the image stayed with me wanting to be more.

Mayan Jaguar Shaman

Serti Technique on Silk

Jaguar, power, dance, and transformation are symbolized and expressed in a painting. Here, a Maya lord takes the shape of his animal self or, uay, a Jaguar. His belt holds the symbol of heaven and jade beads.

I sought to create the feeling of a painting on the wall of a temple. My choice of greens and the technique I used in the background was to create the sense of aged stone and moss and represent jade. Jade (jadeite) is associated with life and renewal of life and is the most important stone in the Maya culture. Original painting on silk 24" x 30"

A partial image on a vase from the Altar de Sacrificios from the Maya Late Classic Period (600 – 900 AD) inspired my silk painting.


sculpted wax model for the jaguar shaman pendant

Sculpture for my lost wax method of casting the Shaman pendant.

Jaguar Shaman Pendant by Savanna Redman.
Jaguar Shaman Pendant by Savanna Redman, close up of the glyphs along the top bead.

If you are interested in a piece that is sold out, please contact me and I will drop you a note when I have it available again. 

After creating the Shaman, I switched to a harder jeweler's wax to sculpt. These pieces are not yet in production but feel free to drop me a note and let me know what you think. 

wax sculpture for a sterling silver pendant by Savanna Redman
wax sculpture for a sterling silver necklace by Savanna Redman
wax sculpture for sterling hair pin by Savanna Redman
logo Savanna Redman

My logo Journey: sculpted on the back of my sterling silver jewelry

and on the designer tag on the chain.

Sterling lobster clasp with extension chain on pendant
Back of Silver Pendant by Savanna Redman
'Rain' back of pendant by Savanna Redman

The spiral on the back of my jewelry is my logo, 'Journey.'

From the beginning of time, stardust and ancestral genes, we spiral out on our unique journeys, growing, creating, changing, yet always circling our true self, our origin, our first dawn.

I created this glyph as a note-to-self — drawing it in the margins of my sketchbooks.
Each sketch, like each day, is a step on the trail following passions, growing in a continuous spiral.
The compass points represent the four winds and my love for travel and discoveries — both around the world and inside my head.

Close up, the path would not be a perfectly smooth clockwise spiral; switchbacks, stalls, falls, floods, and hurricanes happen. But from a cosmic perspective of the time continuum, I'm moving forward and in the right direction.

I need to remind myself of this when the path seems to wander off the map or fall away into a dark abyss, so I draw it in the margins and wear it as a talisman.

My reminder: life is a journey. Pack light. And make the most of every day of this trip.

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