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Sharks in a Pool

If I ever own a pool It may take months to add water.

Yards and Yards of Pretty Blue Canvas! My aquarium.

Savanna Redman painting a sting ray mural in a swimming pool
Me painting inside a swimming pool.

Spotted Eagle Rays in the process of becoming.

On this day, the bottom of a pool is so hot, I can't walk on it barefoot and can't wear shoes on the freshly painted pool bottom, so I run - often. An old sail provides enough shade to keep the paint from cooking on contact.

This one is painted at the pool's shallow-end drop, as if it is heading off into the deep water.

I'm working with a very limited pallet of Caribbean (pool) blue, black and white. Pool paint is not exactly creamy stuff.

Hammerhead painting - open mouth. Oh, what beautiful teeth you have.

I painted two Spotted Eagle Rays, Baby Green Sea Turtles, French Angelfish, and three Hammerhead Sharks.

Just Add Water

1st day. People walked around the wildlife.

I'll admit, I was pleased to hear kids scream, "Shark!"

After days of painting sharks... Sitting on the veranda with my feet propped up, enjoying a cup of tea (read G&T), watching the clouds turn that beautiful sunset-pink... What do I see? A shark!

And the gods of sunsets laugh.


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