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Sculpting 'Rain'

Watching an enchanting baby tree frog on a hibiscus leaf, singing with obvious glee for the fresh warm rain, was the inspiration behind this pendant and the series, Rain.

I loved sculpting this piece. I sculpted it with Kerr wax and the frog is about 1/4" long, with glistening raindrop slipping off a leaf that are larger than he is. The glare is on his face here, but you can see in the darker image below, he even has cute toes. What you can't see is his smile. I'm still learning hot to shoot silver to avoid flares.

‘Rain’ Tree Frog on a Leaf in the Rain. Sterling Silver Pendant on 18” - 3mm Premium Leather Cord, with 1" extension and sterling Designer Tag Pendant 1-3/8 x 1-7/16” 35mm x 37mm

My spiral logo is raised on the back of this piece and etched on the clasp's charm. More about my spiral logo here on the Sun Rise pendant post.

There are more pendants in this series with the tree frog, I will add them at another time.

I hope to make my sculpted silver pendants available again soon.

Tropical Nights. A pair of Red Eyed Tree Frogs singing in the rain. A playful watercolor I couldn't resist painting. Nothing says “Tropics” louder than a group of Red-Eyed Tree Frogs singing at night. I love the Red Eyed Tree Frogs of the Caribbean, from their amazing eyes to their talented climb anywhere toes! Original painting, 12x12 watercolor on D'Arches paper available as a Giclee print.


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